Annual Tour of Anchor Brewery, San Francisco, California
December 1, 2000

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Display case with classic bottles, awards and other neat stuff.

1024x768 wallpaper image.

Plaques recognizing the fine work Anchor does.

Taps of what Anchor has to offer. We'll come back to these later.

Kendra explains the characteristics of each ale and gives out samples to the tour before us. We snag a couple samples, too.

Anchor's copper brewing kettles. There are actually three, but they're hard to get in one shot, unless one, perhaps were standing just outside the building in mid-air.

Kendra explains the ingredients and process of brewing.

Laboratory where important research is done.

Gone are the days when Steam beer fermented on top of the building. Here the wort ferments in large tubs.

Dave takes a moment to check out the hops.

Haas hops, one of the few that Anchor uses in their brews.

Refridgeration equipment used for lager fermentation.

Joe chills out among the lager fermentation tanks.

One of dozens of lager fermentation tanks.

The bottling line, idle for the moment.

Kendra detailing the volume of bottles and how the bottler works.

Dock stacked high with kegs and cases ready to be shipped out.

1024x768 wallpaper image.

More kegs ready for shipping.

Approaching the end of the tour, a hallway with a gallery of brewery photos.

A few of the gallery's photos.

A very well placed desk.

San Francisco cityscape through one of the brewery windows.

A couple of Anchor's finest at work.

Tour over, time to try a few samples.
Left to right: Old Foghorn, Wheat, Porter, Liberty Ale, Steam and Christmas-New Year Special Ale.

A sample of each is handed out, including Small Beer, which isn't on tap.

Group shot

Rich, in uniform, enjoys a beer.

Group shot

Tour group shot