Saturdays, May, 2003

Saturdays from 7 AM to 12 PM a wonderful farmers market is held in the parking ramp at Cabrillo College in Aptos, California. I get much of my food there and know some of the regulars. I get an early jump, to have a first pick and avoid the later crowds.

Organic produce, non-organic produce, flowers, pasta, coffee, music and various other attractions. It sure beats a good day at the grocery store.

Market Collage
A few of the sights, alas, but not the fragrance, the ambience, the hand that takes the lettuce you wanted, etc.
James Kachler
James Kachler, Parrot Ranch Pottery, of Carmel Valley, a true man of the earth. I have two sets of plates, a couple steamers and a host of other pieces made by this gifted gentleman.

Word has reached James that people are finding this page and are interested in contacting him. Following is his contact info:

Parrot Ranch Pottery
21975 Parrot Ranch Road
Carmel Valley, California 93924
Phone: James S. Kachler, (831) 659-0679