My truck. It may be red, but it's not fast and I nicknamed it Pokey. It's a boon for hauling bikes. I don't miss pulling wheels off bikes, to stuff everything into the trunk of my '86 T-Bird. Pokey
Moon over Capitola. A pretty sight, while chowing on some Gang Phed (Thai curry) with tofu, after beating my bike and body all over the hills all day. Moon
Obligatory Golden Gate Bridge shot. I rode around in Marin Headlands for the day. I found it's a really pretty, but small park (compared to Wilder Ranch or The Forest of Nisene Marksm, but has some decent climbs) and cruised across the bridge.

The bike is a Cannondale Delta V600 I bought in '92. I got it after many roadbike rides on pothole infested Michigan roads made my wrists ache. It's a 25lb hardtail, great for grueling climbs, and exhillerating on 35mph descents on washboarded hardpan.

Golden Gate Bridge
A cargo ship makes it's way under the Golden Gate. I thought this was a pretty cool shot, feel free to use it as wallpaper. Cargo Ship